Food Composition and Nutrient Values Information blog

Information about what we eat is very relevant recently for understandable reasons. This content will help you understand consumers in choosing food that is worth paying attention to, correctly understand the structure of products. You can be aware of changes in the composition of favourite foods and innovations. You can read useful tips and customer reviews.

Nothing helps so good to understand the nutritional value of the product as knowledge of its composition. We often find on the labels complex names of food components, in which even a professional can not always understand. Often the manufacturer himself conceals certain elements of his products in order to protect himself and not to embarrass customers. On the pages of the site you will find current information about the food content. You will learn a lot of useful information about the techniques and hidden names that are used in the notation.

It would be much better if the food were the only nutritional values. Energy, vitamins, minerals, lipids and carbohydrates are an integral part of many products. But what about stabilizers, taste enhancers, nutritional supplements and substitutes? On all possible non-natural elements worth paying special attention. Therefore, they will be accentuated and mentioned.

Healthy eating is the key to success and happy life. The methods of production and technology of the food industry are developing at a rapid pace. Today, GMOs push food values to the background. A simple person is helpless against this. But to be savvy in knowing the contents of food, will teach you how to choose the nutrition for yourself.

Particular attention is paid to the discrepancy of data on the labels with the contents of products. For discussion of offenses on the part of the manufacturer and filing of complaints, a separate branch of the site is highlighted.

Source: USDA national nutrient database for standard reference.